Los Angeles Region

Los Angeles Region

Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura

Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Planning is intended to enhance regional catastrophic preparedness and continuity of operations efforts, with the aim of strengthening the Nation against risks associated with catastrophic events. Centered on the highest risk Urban Areas and surrounding regions, the goal is to focus where the impact will have the most significant effect on our collective security and resilience.

Each participating Operational Area includes a collection of jurisdictions that will work collaboratively to develop program guidance, plans, templates, and annexes to support regional collaboration.

This initiative is provided in response to the direction by Congress to develop an "all-hazard regional catastrophic event plans and preparedness" for urban areas and participating governments.


Planning Guides & Templates:

The goal of these programs is to allow jurisdictions to determine how to improve their security and resilience through a process best described as "Fix, Build, and Resource" - that is, fix shortcomings in existing plans; build regional planning processes and planning communities; and link operational needs identified in plans to resource allocation, including homeland security grant programs by utilizing the planning guides and templates developed by the Region.


Where do we go?


How do we get there?

Mass Care & Shelter

Who will take care of us?

Regional Recovery

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Planning Projects:

For the purposes of the Operational Areas, the five county region was instructed to work collectively on all planning initiatives. This combined structure is the designated Region that works in conjunction with CaIEMA. This process includes fixing shortcomings in existing plans, building regional planning processes and planning communities, and linking operational needs identified in plans to resource allocation through the following projects.

Medical Dispensing

What about my medicine?

Commodity Distribution

How will I get supplies?


Where will we stay?

Non-Traditional Sheltering

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